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How to convert tar.gz archive to RPM

Sometimes you want to deploy a configuration file on a Red Hat or CentOS system via RPM but you don't know how to create the spec file for the rpmbuild command. The tgz2rpm shell script in this article helps you in the process to write your own RPM spec files. The directory structure in the tar.gz file should resemble the locations where you want to place your files beneath the filesystem root.


Updated RPMs for Adventure PHP Framework 1.11 Release

With the new release 1.11 of the Adventure PHP Framework, I have updated the yum channel to include the following RPMs:

  • apf-codepack-1.11-201001251440.noarch.rpm
  • apf-demopack-1.11-201001251440.noarch.rpm
  • apf-configpack-1.11-201001251440.noarch.rpm
  • apf-docs-1.11-201001251440.noarch.rpm
To use these packages, follow the RPM Installation Howto.



How to use one-time SSH passwords on Debian/Ubuntu

In this howto you will find all necessary information to enable an one-time-password SSH login on Debian or debian-like systems (e.g. Ubuntu).


How to create small silkscreen blog buttons with Python

Little blog buttons with size of 80x15 pixels and small silkscreen font are trendy. This article shows you how to create those buttons with help of a little Python script.


How to protect valuable files against damages

In this article you will find another tip for all filesystem janitors. You will learn how to protect valuable files against damages.



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